An Exciting Start to Business Agility Roadshow 2017

18th February 2017 marked the day of Business Agility Roadshow 2017 in Gurgaon. We would like to thank all our registrants and participants for their interest and enthusiastic participation.

Our attendees with their energy, feedback and ideas have contributed greatly towards making this event enjoyable and memorable.

We are excited about all the positive feedback and encouragement we received and this gives us the confidence to be back among you soon. The major players behind the positive reviews are our speakers who brought some great topics and content to share with us.

From Arun Jayaraman’s talk – Less is More – we learnt some great ways to minimize waste in our work and working such that the same set of people can now achieve bigger and better results.

Arun’s talk was followed by Deepti Jain’s session – Its Organizational, Not Individual Intelligence that Matters!- which shared a view on how important it is to transform organizations and their leaders as we set on a journey to Business Agility.

How can a small code bug impact an entire business? DevOps is surely not a buzzword meant for just tech teams. In fact, the alignment with business is what makes DevOps tick! Ranjith Tharayil’s session – BizDevOps, Necessity or Just Nice? – emphasized upon this fact with some powerful real life stories that would make us think seriously about BizDevOps.

You would agree that post lunch sessions can be challenging to stay in sync with. And that’s why we ensured that we kept the atmosphere charged with a high energy workshop! The Big Picture workshop made us think and think fast to create a product that the customer wants, and pick up a few lessons on the way about gathering customer requirements and building an MVP.

What does it take to be an awesome PO? How does one make sure that one communicates effectively with the customer and teams? Deepanshu Goyal suggested that the way to go is “going visual”! Deepanshu through his talk –  POgiri – Desi Agile Practices for the Desi PO! – shared a few tricks, and tools that will help a PO or a customer facing role to communicate better.

The day ended with a very interesting session by Ritu AroraGet Agile and DevOps Married for Phenomenal Results! Ritu shared her experience of her organization’s current journey to DevOps. She shared the challenges to embrace DevOps, the way to overcome them with the right set of people, building a leadership culture and a few techniques and best practices.

Encouraging feedback, knowledgeable speakers and an energetic audience, this event was a pleasure for organizers to host.

Special Thanks…

The venue partner

We are absolutely delighted with such a well-planned venue at Gurgaon. We owe a big thank you to Digital Mckinsey for being our venue partner.

The Speakers

We are thankful to all our speakers who spent a lot of time and took a lot of care to prepare for their sessions.

The Organizers and Sponsors

Last but not the least, cheers to the the team from SolutionsIQ, our lead sponsor for Business Agility Roadshow 2017. The team spent weeks to plan this event, and made sure that the day ran smoothly.

A special mention must be made for Agile Coffee Talk, a Scrum Alliance user group for taking Business Agility Roadshows under its banner and organizing them in multiple cities in India.

Business Agility is a hard-to-pin-down subject as it propagates Agility beyond IT teams, into Operations, Sales and Marketing, Peoples operation, Finance and more. This is increasingly becoming important because enabling Business Agility competencies across organization is what will help to achieve the true value of Agile Transformation. SolutionsIQ, world’s leading Agile Consulting company is currently working with clients worldwide to make Business Agility a reality for them. Click here to read an interesting article about Business Agility by Evan Campbell, CTO of SolutionsIQ

Did you miss our Gurgaon Event?

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Videos of the select sessions are currently being edited and will be available on our YouTube channel. You can also view the session slides in our Slideshare page.

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