Business Agility – Leadership Imperative

Our speaker shares about his topic at the upcoming Business Agility Roadshow in Hyderabad on 22nd April. Sign up today!

Business Agility is the ability of an organization to anticipate, reinvent itself, adapt, change quickly and succeed in the turbulent environment, meeting the challenges of the constant, which is change. We see disruptions everywhere right from small retailers to tech giants. Every industry from education to automobile are going through business transformation embracing the advancement of technology. Business has become agile meeting those challenges by churning its innovation wheel. Business Leader have to take faster and effective performance decisions with no chance of failure. The old way of slow, very rigid, bureaucratic type of leadership is getting transformed more towards empowerment and collaboration. Organizations which are built on stable foundation and principles are more agile than others and they are one which are making headlines

With this prelude in mind, it is more imperative for the Leaders to be strategic and remain open to the flowing current in the market without compromising on the core of their business. With more and more younger generations getting into the Leadership role, it all the more important to understand the dynamics of the organization, its culture and market uncertainties and lead the organization to the successful future.

In the upcoming Business Agility Roadshow in Hyderabad, Dwaraka Ramana K will share about why leaders today should care about and what it takes for them guide and steer business agility.

Ramana is going to share about:

-They key elements for a successful Leader to manage the Business Agility

-Qualities of a leader that makes him/her adapt and thrive on the continuous advancement that happens in the industry

-The role of people, process and technology effect the Leadership challenges in the disruptive world

-The Leadership legacy expectations that become the organizational funnel for future performance

-Strategies, Success Principle and Tactics that Leadership embrace to manage the Business Agility are some of the thoughts that will be deliberated in the session

Dwaraka Ramana K is a Business Manager in First American (India) Ltd with and bring over 30 years of experience in management leading and executing several strategic initiatives/ projects and driving performance in organizations.  He is also a motivational speaker with successful track record in operational excellence and Data Analysis.  He is a Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers, PMP and CSC. He holds MBA and Currently pursuing  Ph.D. from Sri Krishna Devaraya University in Management. He has lot of experience in Banking and Insurance domain.  He is also on the NASSCOM initiative of Skill India for Data Science, Cyber Security and Data Analytics   working with various Universities in India.

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