The Business Agility Roadshow is aimed at getting us on a common ground of understanding Business Agility with speakers and experts who will share their experience. Here’s a glimpse of how day’s shaping up to be. This is work in progress and we are working towards adding some more sessions. Register today!

When: Saturday, 22nd April 2017 | 10:00 AM to 05:30 PM IST

Where: Radisson Hyderabad, Hitec City, Gachibowli, Miyapur Road, Hyderabad, Telangana 500032

Agenda Highlights




Enterprise Agile Coach & Trainer 


Anti-patterns of Agile in India – An Interactive Discovery Session

We all are going to brainstorm on practical anti-patterns of Agile and Scrum in India and find the root causes and possible fixes to those causes. This talk will help us create better workplaces with purist way of Agile and Scrum implementation. It is going to be very interactive and less PowerPoint based. Are you interested and excited to be part of this session? Join Vijay in his session. 

Anand Murthy Raj


Agile Coach


Improving Agility with amazing insights from Indian Mythology

Agile Coaching concept is relatively new to us, but coaching has been a part of our culture since 2000 years. This session is an attempt to open those hidden treasures and enhance our true coaching culture. This is an attempt to see and learn from those stories told to us by our parents, grandparents to help us understand Agile coaching and create a great future to self.

Vivek Ganesan


Agile Change Agent 


Workplace Happiness – Is Business Agility taking us towards happy workplaces?

With the increase in population that separates ‘work’ from ‘life’, as if work is absence of life, it becomes increasingly important to study about what happiness means to people at work, so that they can be made to feel alive in their offices too. This session is aimed at introducing two interesting research studies that aimed to do just that. 


This session does not just explain these two research works but also will find the commonalities between these and will engage the audience with discussions using leading questions, thereby bringing out personal examples that they can relate to. This session will also help us understand if Business Agility keeps us happy in the true sense.


Enterprise Agile Consultant

SolutionsIQ India

Less is More!

Faster time-to-market, better quality and higher efficiency – Organizations have been moving towards Agile predominantly because they realized that delivering features of the highest value can lead to bigger and better successes. But then the ground reality said something else. The success rates were not as high as one would have desired! What could be the reason?

This session by Arun Jayaraman will shed light upon some practices that ensure that you improve your product success rates significantly without impacting your existing capacity and bandwidth.

Ramana K, PMP, CSM


Business Manager

First American (India) Ltd

Business Agility – Leadership Imperative

In today’s volatile business environment, leaders with the ability to anticipate change and make fast and effective performance decisions can enable high performing teams that drive organizational agility.

In his session, Ramana will share his thoughts and explain features, facts and imperatives that enable Leadership Agility



Enterprise Agile Consultant

SolutionsIQ India

The Big Picture Workshop

Customer discovery is a whole team activity. You’ve got to get out of the building (or in this case, away from the table!) to find out what customers are willing to pay for. The workshop is going give you an experience of how real customer discovery feels to when you set out one’s journey to conceptualize and build a product that the market wants!

Prabhaker Panditi - PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM, CSP, SAFe Agilist


Enterprise Agile Consultant 

SolutionsIQ India

Psychology of Agile Leadership

Organizations are increasingly recognizing that true, deep and enduring agile transformation can happen only if their Leaders embrace the Agile way.  However, leadership agility is not easy. Why? Because we are up against a formidable trio of  history, the way we are brought up and attitudes embedded deep in our psyche. Several social psychology experiments prove this. 


In addition,  Leaders may act in completely un-agile ways while secretly believing that they are in fact acting ‘in the best interest of all’.


This presentation looks at the three forces leaders are up against, along with some historical context and scientific experiments carried out;  why self-deception is common in leaders; how we can overcome these obstacles to become truly agile leaders;  and what we can expect on the road to ‘self-transformation’.


Rapid Panel Round

Open Offices don’t work really… Holocracy, really?! It is most difficult to change the Leader’s mindset…The Rapid Round at the end of the day is one of the highlights of the event. This round is about discussion and debate on some of the most thought provoking topics related to the Agile way of working and is sure to leave you with thoughts worth exploring.