The Business Agility Roadshow is aimed at getting us on a common ground of understanding Business Agility with speakers and experts who will share their experience. Join us at the first one-day event of the series in Gurgaon organized by SolutionsIQ and hosted by Digital Mckinsey

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When: Saturday, 18th Feb 2017 | 09:30 AM to 05:00 PM IST

Where: McKinsey Capability Center, Ground Floor, Block – 2, Vatika Business Park, Sector 49, Sohna Road, Gurugram, Haryana, India

Agenda Highlights




Head of Technology Consulting

SolutionsIQ India

BizDevOps – Necessity or Just Nice?

We all agree that BizDevOps (or Agile Technical) practices is something we would love to follow in the products we build. The questions we are addressing in this talk are, are BizDevOps practices just good to have or is it a must? If it’s a “must “, do our teams understand the urgency to change their thought process? As leaders are we motivating them enough and enabling the right environment to help embrace it?

This talk is for the leadership to help them understand the need to embrace Agile technical practices and not just follow it.


Sr. Vice president – QA

Info Edge India (

Agile – A Virtue or Vice?

We generally embark on already taken road with the belief that it would yield benefits, it would be quicker and would present very little unknowns. But does that really hold true for everything? I would like to share my thoughts around whether Agile implementation is really a Virtue or Vice? I believe that beauty lies in the manner/quality of execution of any said process or engineering practice versus blind adoption of the same. I would like to share the challenges and roadblocks that can potentially turn a Virtue into Vice!


Agile Transformation Agent,

Founder – Agile Virgin

Its Organizational, Not Individual Intelligence that Matters!

Organizations can create structures to organize and manage better. But soon these structures become smaller organizations within themselves and compete. This doesn’t stop at sub-organization (like Business units) level but becomes culture and each layer behaves the same. Each layer works for it’s existence and survival. Imagine what happens to organization where every entity is locally focused and forms its own culture code! So the question is how to get out of this power centered culture? How to create true Business Agility enabling culture in organizations? Deepti Jain tells us how in this is session.


Director – Engineering


Get Agile and Devops Married for Phenomenal Results! An Experience Report

This session will be get the mind share of executives for

1.Best practices to hire right

2.Increase productivity 3X

3.Leadership culture changes starting from top

What executives will gain are

1.Some key ideas to go back research about

2.Tested best practices not only for dev teams but also for support teams

3.Very simple but important steps to improve overall mindset and move towards DevOps


The Big Picture Workshop

Customer discovery is a whole team activity. You’ve got to get out of the building (or in this case, away from the table!) to find out what customers are willing to pay for. The workshop is going give you an experience of how real customer discovery feels to when you set out one’s journey to conceptualize and build a product that the market wants!


PO – Mckinsey and Company

TEDx Speaker

POgiriDesi Agile Practices for the Desi PO!

This is an interactive session by Deepanshu Goyal and he is going to talk from his experience of working as Product Owner. 

We as IT professionals are solving business problems or easing our day to day activities with the help of technology.

In this session, Deepanshu will share some desi practices that he used to do as a product owner while developing web or mobile applications for my clients. At the same time how such practices got evolved over a period of time and now the same desi practices can also be achieved with the help of modern day tools.


Enterprise Agile Consultant

SolutionsIQ India

Less is More!

Faster time-to-market, better quality and higher efficiency – Organizations have been moving towards Agile predominantly because they realized that delivering features of the highest value can lead to bigger and better successes. But then the ground reality said something else. The success rates were not as high as one would have desired! What could be the reason?

This session by Arun Jayaraman will shed light upon some practices that ensure that you improve your product success rates significantly without impacting your existing capacity and bandwidth.


Rapid Panel Round

Open Offices and Work from home don’t work really… It is most difficult to change the Leader’s mindset…What’s behind the BAD CODERS in India, if this is true? The Rapid Round at the end of the day is one of the highlights of the event. This round is about discussion and debate on some of the most thought provoking topics related to the Agile way of working and is sure to leave you with thoughts worth exploring.